Punarmrityu is a short written and directed by Ravi Vazirani currently doing festival rounds in India and abroad. It is available to watch on Green Chillies TV in India.

Asthir is a short written and directed by Ravi Vazirani which was the graduation thesis film at MIT School of Film and Television. Currently available for private viewing upon request and is in talks to be placed on leading OTT platforms.

Watch fictional shorts available to watch online below

In college I wrote a story about love, friendship and internships. And the music of Coldplay often feels magical to me so I decided to merge the two together and remix-remaster-reuse old work into a better overall package with improved colors and sound mix from what it was before. It’s 30 mins long and features great music along with a story featuring some of my really good friends from college so give it a shot.

Watch A.R.Rahman’s classic song sung by Lata Mangeshkar and himself in an unofficial music video made during the time of my film school.

A love letter to our Moms.

What happens when a curious and intelligent kid questions a science geek on religion? They go on a trip to explore various avenues of faith and try to understand people’s beliefs. Find out why people practice their religions even when most of it isn’t ‘scientifically proven.’

We won the best TVC during the India Film Project 2015. We were given 7 days and a challenge to make a brand film for Himalayan, the natural mineral water, a Pepsico Tata JV.

I was a part of Timelights, an IFP team from Pune, grabs the top spot in this challenge, beating teams from 22 cities and 3 countries.

Directed by Ravi Vazirani

A short film based on two brothers. The older brother does everything in his power to annoy the younger brother who has just one friend, The Happy Ball. He cannot stand littering and often feels like an outsider when it comes to things he is expected to do in a ‘normal’ society.

What happens when one day his only friend leaves him too?

I believe there is a deeper message one can extract from the subsurface slapstick nature of the film. We require a strong reason to clean the environment around us and that can only come if we care about the people dear to us.

Language Hindi

Written and Directed by Ravi Vazirani

Original Music used with written permission from
OG Guitar on SoundCloud

range is a feeling of being stuck in between various emotions. At times are we really sure what is it that we want from life? At every stage society demands us to make decisions and sometimes we’re just not sure and cannot point at something no matter how hard we try. Unless something inexplicable and unplanned comes in front of us to reveal what we think we always knew. This is a experimental film filled with various allegories of the mind space. Written and Directed by Ravi Vazirani

Unofficial commercial made for the Brand JBL.

After Studying the Brand and Analyzing its entire advertisement strategy cohesively this film was written and directed by Ravi Vazirani

You prepare for two years to appear for a university entrance exam (IIT). It’s just another day for most aspirants. But for a select few like you, it’s the yardstick that defines LIFE. You desperately crave that IIT tag. What if despite putting in the best effort you don’t get into IIT? Find out in today’s episode – I failed the IIT. Life Unhinged is a series exploring our tangled inner universe. Listen to people, unconstrained, speaking their hearts out.

Two guys. One Burger. Two dead men. One guy’s concerned how they died. But the other is busy eating his burger. He wants another Maharaj Mac as soon as he’s done. Soon, they contemplate if it was supposed to turn out this way. In between burgers, swearing, and playing CID, these guys find out if drinking and driving is cool.

“What I am truly passionate about is film and stories told via the visual medium. The landscape for original content is changing to rapidly that it’s hard to establish yourself as an independent creator in this age of explosion of content options. I want to tell original exciting, fantastical, psychological and magical stories. What is commercially viable in this country is not something that interests me therefore I never took the traditional route. I plan to work on commercial videos for clients in order to one day perhaps. be able to make my own films and sit in a theater to watch the premiere of my own feature film with a packed audience. I am one of those fools who dreams.” – Ravi Vazirani