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Netherlands | Amazon Prime: “Gum Chung: The Slacklife” | Short Documentary Film

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“Gum Chung: The Slacklife” is a short film (10 mins) by Navin Torres and Ravi Vazirani that explores the unconventional sport of slacklining through the eyes of professional athlete, performer and funny-man Sebastian Gum Chung. The locations in the film spread across three European cities- Utrecht (NL), Amsterdam (NL) and Lublin (PL). “Gum Chung” is an independent film supported by Slacktivity.

• Premiered at the Urban Highline Festival, Lublin, Poland in July 2019.

• Screened at GGBY Highline Festival, Utah, USA.

• Screened at Slack & Cinema Day, Cologne, Germany.

• Screened at Balance Project Gathering, Goa, India.

• Screened at Suru Boulder Fest, Ladakh, India.

For a preview of the film or for screening inquires please send a message through the contact tab above.

Post Production:
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Poland | GoPro Shorts | 4play.in: A Love Letter to Highlining

Festivals are full of euphoria and a medium to bond with people sharing similar interests. The Urban Highline Festival held annually in Lublin, Poland is one of the oldest highlining festival known as Carnaval Sztukmistrzów wherein hundreds of people will witness you overcome your fears as you walk the line. It invites some special guests every year, from world record holders and sponsored athletes to rigging experts and inspirational explorers. It’s a celebration of slacklining and is a highline playground in the middle of a 700 year old historic town. In this video get transported to Poland as Navin Devnani-Torres brings you, first hand, the vibe of the Urban Highline Festival in a visual format. Hope this makes you ache to try highlining and if it does then Navin’s work is done.

Filmed by Navin Torres

Edited by Ravi Vazirani

Barcelona | GoPro Shorts | La Mar Bella ft. Andy Anderson

Filmed in the beautiful Barcelona beach-side skate park “La Mar Bella”. Professional skateboarder Andy Anderson from Canada explores the transitions and local vibe.

Filmed by Navin Torres

Edit and Effects by Ravi Vazirani for LightBulb Stories


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