What The World of DC Films could have been

My pitch for the perfect balance between what the studio would have liked and what Zack Snyder was good at. And we’re gonna assume that only Man of Steel exists as it is in our analysis.

The idea for Ben Affleck to love Batman was to play a more fucked up older version, who’s intent on going to any level (even brand them) in order to stop crime. He has had a torrid 20 years in Gotham. “How many good guys are left and how many stayed that way?” — Bruce Wayne line in Batman V Superman 2016.

And now he doesn’t even care about his own life. So the opening sequence in the actual film; Bruce runs towards a falling building while everyone else runs away from it does what the opening car crash scene, in the DC animated film The Dark Knight Returns Part-1, does in its opening. Bruce doesn’t care about his life anymore.

Gordon is about to retire. He reveals, just like in the animated film, that Commissioner Gordon knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. We’ve never done it in the films! And imagine the dynamic between Ben Affleck and J.K.Simmons as fine actors throughout the series. Now obviously everyone is losing their shit that an alien with god-like superpowers now lives on earth. Imagine how such a discussion would manifest itself in the real world with the political climate today? The moral question of the world of the film is one line from that news world montage featuring real thought leaders of the modern world, “Must there be a Superman?”

But this thread goes from here into things being slightly different from the movie that was released. Let’s completely get done with the Africa – Lex Luthor bullet subplot. Stay with me here.

One ex-military person who has lost both his legs during the battle in Man of Steel starts to become a force in the media that questions his free will and might. While the senator is under a lot of pressure to impose some restrictions on Superman. Or try to find out who he is. She requests him on LIVE TV to make an appearance at a public hearing and answer some questions from the people. Clark Kent meanwhile contemplates this with Martha Kent and Lois Lane.

Lex Luthor’s thugs are smuggling Kryptonite into Metropolis. It’s revealed that Lex has been trying to get a license for months but now he doesn’t care to do it legally anymore. Some Bat figure shows up in the lightning (First reveal of this Batman) and steals the Kryptonite. #BecauseIamBatman #BadAssActionSequenceWithJunkieXLScore.

Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent at the Lex Luthor Gala. Where we’re introduced to them all, a mysterious woman steals a sword at Luthor’s exhibition. In this scene, we make it absolutely clear that Bruce Wayne finds out he is Superman. A shot of Clark cleaning his glasses as he puts them back on while nobody except Bruce Wayne was watching. Clarke suspects him knowing about his identity but can’t read his mind (even though he is Superman).

Batman: “So the question is, who wants to eliminate me?

Alfred: “That line is forming around the block, sir.”―Batman and Alfred discussing an attempt on his life from Batman, the animated series.

Batman then threatens a criminal for information on who is branding everyone else by branding him. Then Superman shows up, asks him to control his outings as a masked vigilante and Bruce Wayne realises that he has figured it out. Superman on the other hand now having seen Bruce’s face fears that he might reveal his identity.

He asks him with a smirk, “Do you bleed?”

Superman says consider this mercy and flies away.

Bruce Wayne starts to get a lot of emails from an unknown source. They show a series of photos of people he hasn’t even branded. Petty criminals Batman would normally not even care to get involved with. Small time thugs. And he gets a picture of his mother’s pearls and the old story of the Wayne Murder. Whoever sent these pictures to him knows about his identity. He suspects that these are threats from Superman asking him to stop branding criminals or he will eliminate this vigilante who everyone is terrorized by. Bruce discusses this with Gordon. Gordon reluctantly says he will look into this.

Clark Kent goes to a public hearing, the senator asks some really tough questions on the god-like will he imposes on people. Superman doesn’t seem to have any answers and just then he notices a man without legs in the front row of the people. His chair is made out of the lead, which Superman cannot X-Ray like he normally does. We make it clear visually what happens and then it all blows up! Superman is blamed even more by the people.

Batman decides he must stop him. Even if it takes his life that’s fine. He says his father would have been proud to have died for something like this. He prepares to fight Superman with the armoured suit and Kryptonite on his side.

Lex Luthor gets crazy on his company’s rooftop on a rainy night and calls out to GOD. Superman shows up. He blames Superman for all the chaos in the world and mentions the world is right in blaming him. If he has the power of a god then he cannot be all good. That’s why he lets Batman operate and terrorize people. He shows them the pictures of the people Batman hasn’t branded in real. The audience gets it clearly now that it’s Lex who’s sending Bruce these photos. Under pressure from Luthor’s allegations and unable to give any answers about the operations of the Batman, he goes to reason with him and probably take him down. They fight. For a much much longer time as the fans get exactly the visuals, they need to wet their pants.

Superman doesn’t want to show his full power. Batman resists capture by the use of the Kryptonite and starts hurting Superman. Superman wants to now use all his power and stop Batman. Just as he is about to pierce Batman with his Kryptonite armour, Woman Woman shows up and stops him. She reveals what Lex did to make you too go against each other and then reveals about the mother boxes and the Doomsday plot. Gordon confirms Lex Luthor’s hand in this.

Batman realizing his mistake tears through Luthor’s science facility (practical effects action sequence) in an anger/rage to catch him. Luthor releases Doomsday as he is about to be caught. The Trinity fight Doomsday. Superman dies because he sacrifices himself. Aliens are coming. We must make the Justice League says Bruce by revealing other metahumans exist based on information stolen from the Lex Luthor facility.

Wonder Woman the film stays the same more or less. Maybe even Suicide Squad with the exception of the Joker being the villain and the Harley-Joker relationship being the main thread. Wonder Woman could have transcended the genre by establishing that Ares was something inside mankind rather than being David Thewlis with a real moustache but with CGI smoke in the background. Wonder Woman would have grown up with the realisation that the enemy is perennial. It’s inside mankind and it could manifest in many forms so she must fight and protect the innocent.

We enter Justice League and establish a more determined Batman. Wanting to right his wrongs in BvS by assembling the league.

Wonder Woman – Savior of the DCEU

If you don’t know (or feel) the cultural significance of Wonder Woman right now let me just put it in your conscious once again. Wonder Woman is a 75 year old character who’s ‘never’ had a large screen adaptation ever till now. She considered a part of the trinity of the most popular comic book characters ever. Yet she’s never had a movie because people believed it will never make as much money as Batman and Superman. Recent reports show Wonder Woman has grossed more than BvS in the US Box Office. Could any sane person say this even 5 years ago? Think of all those people who are getting represented for the first time ever on screen. If you’re a white or brown dude, like myself, we’ll never in its full capacity, grasp the meaning
of seeing someone relatable do the things we want to do. But if you’re a 14 year old girl who sees this powerful and strong willed woman fighting for peace and not obeying the words of a war general who sits comfortably while giving orders to soldiers to shed blood instead of doing it himself, you are being brought up just fine.

Now as a film it’s no secret that Wonder Woman is heavily influenced from Richard Donner’s Superman. In tone (a couple of scenes taken directly from it to pay homage) and with the pacing, yes but Wonder Woman is essentially a god unlike Superman. She’s a myth and she’s all powerful and righteous. What they (DC) do manage to do is tell a comprehensible and complete story. In the modern world of flashy trailer like editing or meaningless Bayhem, we do get a human story from an idolized god figure. A story where not everything went well. They did not live happily ever after, Diana has her delusions of mankind busted and yet she chooses to trust the imperfections of man. She makes a conscious decision to love inspire of the prevalent hate of a World War. That’s whats resonant and unique. The fact that Patty Jenkins (The Director) was given the creative license to portray a singular vision is great. There are some special moments in the film which will stand the test of (and grow with) time. This version will be the quintessential wonder woman origin for this generation. And that is huge. Chris Pine will forever be Steve Trevor and Gal Gadot will always be wonder woman for some no matter how many remakes they make. That’s the power of this film.

Now it’s not perfect but no film is. Our own subjective desires entail us to nitpick but there is little petty minds like myself can do anything about the fact that I felt the pacing in the second half could’ve been improved. But that’s probably the YouTube attention span of my mind talking. If this was 1975, people wouldn’t mind it being longer. Gal Gadot is, I don’t know, one day I’d say she’s the perfect casting choice because of the charm in her smile and the physicality but on another day, I would prefer someone who’s accent didn’t take me out of it. Again I am just a dumbfuck sitting and judging. The movie was great. It made me emotional at times. The chemistry between Chris Pine and Gal Gadot was infectious and the writing was smart and deliberate. Patty Jenkins made this movie with heart and passion because of what this film needed to do. The fact that she did empower the character of Wonder Woman without having to downgrade or diminish the male counterpart, Chris Pine, is truly admirable and respect worthy. Their love wasn’t cynical at any stage and it was framed with a romance of a time gone by. I was a fucking mess when she leaps off from a platform in the comtemporary world (was it london?) and her intensly powerful theme song plays which fades into black and the credits roll.

Now Wonder Woman means a lot more in the DCEU going forward than ever before.