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Frequently asked questions

Will the Couple's audio bytes be covered? What about close family and some guests?

Yes, We will move around the venues during various events trying to gather people to speak about the couple, of course. But it will be awesome if everyone could keep around 1-2 min of content prepared to wish the couple.

How much do you charge for your services?

The scale and requirements for every wedding is different.

If you require just one photographer for a small scale post-pandemic event then we start our charges from INR 10,000 per day.

Can we see how the film is getting edited and sit with the editor?

 No. We are emotional creators. We like to work in our own time and space. 

What is the payment plan to book you?

25% an an advance retainer fee which books our dates for your shoot. 50% immediately after the shoot and the remaining 25% after all digital deliveries (excluding the printed album).

Why does the trailer look or feel better than the main film?

This is a question that many clients have asked us so we’d like to address this in detail. A trailer is roughly 3-5 mins cut from the same footage we use to cut the longer 20-40 min film so obviously the smaller version of the edit will feature the very best of shots/moments from the entire shoot so overall the trailer will feel grander. Also the trailer is catered to serve the social media audience and for our own marketing as well (we do not use the full version for marketing in most cases) so that is made in way that showcases our own personal style and flavor that we impart to these films. The main film however is strictly made for you and it will obviously feature all the moments that you’d like but also includes longer sequences of rituals and ceremonies featuring your extended family but it’s not necessary that any outsider would appreciate the same.

What if we don't like the film or trailer we receive? Can we make some changes?

We do not like to go back on a film that we’ve spent weeks on to tweak and sequence very carefully but there are instances where the couple or the family firmly believes that adding or deleting a few clips, for whatever reason, here and there will make a huge difference to their viewing experience. So, in that case yes, those minor changes will be done once the main film is delivered but keep in mind that if you didn’t give us any word or specifics on which music track (or kind) is to be used then changing that is not what we entertain at all. In case of insisting to change the track we will make those changes for an additional re-editing fee.

What about the privacy of our data?

After the successful delivery of photos and videos we will use the content for marketing purposes after due consent.

Rest assured that LightBulb Stories will only share media involving persons and events in the best possible light in accordance with the standards of the wedding industry.

At any time, You may request LightBulb Stories to take down any media from my wedding that had been previously allowed on the public domain if you believe its put up in a bad light.

How many people will come for the shoot?

That strictly depends on the complexity of the event and the number of guests to be covered. A simple home event at the brides or grooms side requires only one person per location. Larger venues may require up-to 4 team members shooting at the same time. We believe that less is more for limited spaces because that provides us with more space and a variety of angles to shoot. 

How can we contribute in ensuring that the film is made to our taste?

Music is a very important part of these wedding films as they lend in an emotional core to the visuals however taste in music is subjective and what we may love, you may not appreciate and that’s totally cool. The problem however is that once we sync and define the flow of the visuals on a particular track it is painfully hard for us to find that much time or goodwill to make those changes so it is very highly recommended that you select the kind of music you’d like to see in your wedding film. Give us multiple options during our communication post the shoot and we’ll see which one of those fits best. In case you give us a go ahead on selecting and adding the soundtracks that we think will work best then trust us to give it our best while editing. 

What is your philosophy for wedding photography?

What we like to offer as our primary photography service is what the world calls ‘Candid Photography’ these days. Our operating procedure for that is that we do not like to disturb or move any activities or people during any of the events. We like to capture raw emotions and moments without letting people know that we are shooting them.

If you do like to take staged shots during the reception or group shots we recommend that you request us to hire a separate traditional photographer specifically for that. Our candid photographers do not cover reception stage shots.

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